Royal Arena Battle Deck

Hey guys, I have been playing Clash Royale since its beginning and I must say I was a real addict. At some point I was searching for some alternatives to find some free gems or hacks, because too much was never enough . I paused for like a year and now, here I am again, I started form Spell Valley where I actually stopped playing the game and two days later, hello Royal Arena .
However, I am not here to talk about my addiction, I actually wanted to share a deck I have been playing and got me in the Royals in only two days.
My deck is consisted of the following cards:

• Musketeer
• Arrows
• Valkyrie
• Minion Horde
• Skeleton Army
• Barbarians
• Baby Dragon
• Goblin Barrel

I know, right? First of all, I must say, my all-time favorite card is the Valkyrie. She is just a one man (woman) army. Aside her biggest weakness, the flying troops, she is just doing amazing with everything else, countering even cards with big health, not to mention the small group troops. So I fell in love with her since the beginning and I still play it.
The skeleton army, it was my first Epic card in the deck, and I was very happy that I got it, and since then, I have been occasionally replacing it with the Archers or the Spear Goblins, but after a while I get back to the Army. They can destroy a royal Giant, I mean, c’mon, that’s huge.

Although I love the Skeleton Army and all the good deeds it does, I must admit my favorite epic card is the Goblin Barrel. I am not trading that one with anything else. It has been saving my game many times, when I have nothing else to play, the Goblin Barrel is here to save the day. I found it very successful strategy, to play for example Baby Dragon and Valkyrie on one side, and when the opponent drops two cards to counter mine, I immediately drop Goblin Barrel on the opposite tower. Try it.
I must mention the Musketeer as well, oh the Musketeer, it does so much work, up and down, it destroys ground and flying troops, I also play it since the beginning of the game.
The other cards I play with, also need a special attention, because, a Valkyrie without the Baby Dragon or the Minion Horde is just a waste of time. The barbarians are also a great troop card, I tried switching it with the prince, but he is just too fragile, I really don’t like playing with it. The barbarians can easily destroy a Giant or a Wizard for example, and still manage to do some damage on the opponent’s tower as well.

For now, this Clash Royale Deck is really working out for me. If you are somewhere between the Spell Valley, Builders Workshop and the Royal Arena, you should try and play with these cards, you cannot go wrong. Here is another good Arena 7 deck. Cheers and clash on, but don`t get very addicted to the game.

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