Hog Mountain Clash Royale Battle Deck

The Hog Arena is where I got stuck for a very long time, so I decided to change my deck, and it really helped me get more trophies and rank better. The deck I have been playing with has: Minion Horde, Zap, Goblin Gang, Rage, Clone, Barbarians, Giant Skeleton, and Wizard.

So, the first thing I do, is drop the Giant Skeleton, because most of the time, the opponent panics and drop all the small group troops that can actually destroy the skeleton. Behind it, I drop the wizard, so it can demolish the small troops. If the Skeleton survives the attack and continues to the opponent’s tower, I drop the goblins behind it, so they can push him a little bit faster, and if he manages to arrive “safely” to the tower, I clone him and if both the bombs drop next to the tower, it will for sure get destroyed.

This is just one strategy to play this deck. Another one is to drop Giant Skeleton on one side, and actually use him as a distraction. With the remaining elixir, I drop the goblins and the spear goblins at the border of the opponent and since the player will focus on the giant thing that is going toward his tower, I clone the goblins and drop the rage, so they will take down half of that tower for sure, maybe even the whole tower if the player has nothing to protect the tower with.

This is a pretty balanced deck, it costs 3.9 elixir and has equally balanced cards that affect both ground and flying troops. The zap destroys both ground and flying troops, the spear goblins are the same, such as the wizard and the minion horde. The rest of them affect the ground troops, and here are of course the spells that give a boost to the game.
So many combinations to play this deck, and of course it depends entirely on the opponent and his game. The thing you have to focus on is to make the protagonist in this deck, the Giant Skeleton, to actually be a distraction for the other cards you need to drop on the other site of the battlefield. Try all the combinations and you will see good results.

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