Clash Royale Triple Elixir Battle Deck

Clash Royale is definitely the most fun game ever, mainly because of its concept, but it also constantly brings new events and challenges that make the game even more addictive.
Recently, there was a new event, a triple elixir battle challenge, and it was so exciting, I played all day long, I even had to go and take a shower because at the end of the day I was feeling like I have run for miles.
At first I played with my original deck, but after a while I realized, my deck is not a triple elixir battle material, so I created a new deck, and with many moderations, I finally got the right one. So, my triple elixir deck was composed of:

• Golem
• Poison
• Minion Horde
• Valkyrie
• Three Musketeers
• Fireball
• Lumberjack
• Sparky

This is a pretty expensive deck, but since the challenge is triple elixir, it means that the elixir is running three times faster than the classic challenge, so the you can drop the cards really fast.
The trick of this deck is to know how to play it. I have played it against opponent with exactly the same deck, just instead of the lumberjack he had mini pekaa, and he did not manage to win even one tower.

The Golem is dropped behind the Kings tower, so the opponent goes into a little panic when he sees it, and starts dropping a bunch of cards, that you will weaken or completely destroy with the fireball.

In a meantime, e elixir is fulfilled, so I drop the sparky behind the golem, and the Valkyrie next to the Golem, so that when the opponent tries to destroy the Golem with the small troops, the Valkyrie will counter them, and for the other troops, there is the sparky, taking care of the job. If he opponent drops minion horde, I have the poison, which melts the minions like an ice cream on a sunny day.
If the opponent is too busy defending his tower, you can drop the three musketeers on the opposite tower and if there is nothing to defend you can easily take that tower down.
How you chose to play it, it does not matter, this deck is simply unbeatable, it is very well balanced, and you cannot go wrong.

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