Clash Royale Arena 12 Deck

Clash Royale Arena 12 or the Legendary Arena is a serious one to play in. You need to have 3800+ trophies and an updated deck if you want to counter your opponents.
Recently, I have been playing a deck that seems to be working out for me pretty well, so I decided to share it with you guys, maybe you will find it helpful.
So, the deck I am playing with is composed of:
• Zap
• Prince
• Minion Horde
• Elixir Collector
• Wizard
• Electro Wizard
• Royal Barbarians
Goblin Gang
I know it is a little bit expensive and if someone is playing a low level deck could be very tough opponents, but usually I get by with everything and it has been a very successful deck so far.
Since this deck costs 4.5 Elixir, that is why I always start the game by dropping the elixir collector in the top left corner of my field. According to the statistics, most of the players start their game drooping the cards on the right side. So, I drop the elixir collector and I have a chance to drop faster, cards with high health and a lot of damage.
The Royal Barbarians are a surreal card that if left alone, they can take down the opponent’s tower in no time, and make a damage to the main tower as well.
The Prince if a great card, but very fragile to the small troops. The Skeleton Army is a big nemesis of the Prince, but I usually combine it with Zap, so the Skeleton Army is very easily destroyable. If the opponent goes with the Minion Horde, I drop the Electro Wizard.
The Electro Wizard is also a great card, because by dropping him, you do not need a fireball, arrows or another spell card to destroy the small group troops that are messing around with your big cards.
One strategy I love to play, is to surprise the opponent by playing the combo of the Prince and the Electro Wizard. So, you wait for the 10 elixir to fulfill and after that you drop on the border the Prince and the Electro Wizard. The small troops will be destroyed right away by the electro wizard and the Prince will continue to the tower. The Valkyrie might be a problem because she is very strong and can easily take down the Electro Wiz and at the same time, can make a damage to the Prince. However, you will for sure get some damage on the opponent’s tower because almost all the players are waiting for the opponent to start the game, and that way they will panic a little bit and will eventually get confused.
You can do the same strategy with the royal barbarians and the electro wizard, they are also very fast and make a lot of damage.
There are many combos and strategies you can play with this deck, so maybe give it a shot.

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