3 Tips for Clash Royale Addicts

Every single person who have played Clash Royale, knows exactly how addictive the game is.  When you start playing, you intend to play just one maybe two games, three tops, and two hours later you find yourself all boosted up with negative energy, with lost trophies, dropped in the Arena below the one you struggled so much to get into, and all you did was lost two hours of your life and did nothing special.

I used to be a Clash Royale addict, just couldn`t get enough of the game. Luckily, the 2v2 Battle was invented, and other challenges where you do not lose trophies, so I started playing those more often. At the beginning , I spent all my gems for opening chests, because I thought that gems are easily earned during the game. But after I got deeper into playing, I realized that the way I am playing is just not satisfying enough, so I started paying the game. It gave me gems and I started purchasing chests, opening chest, purchasing gold and I hit rock bottom when I went to the ATM and wanted to withdraw some cash, and a message appeared on the screen: “There are no funds available in your account.” And then it hit me. I immediately uninstalled the app. My clan mates started begging me to return to the clan, but I was determined to not play this game ever. After a while, my clan mates stooped playing as well.

I did not stop reading about this game, in fact, I run a very successful blog about Clash Royale, where I write about guides, strategies and news about the game. But after a while, it became very difficult to write about it, because many new cards were released, a new kind of battles were introduced in the game, so I said, what the hell, I will check it out again. But this time, I did it right. I updated the deck I was playing with, just added the fire spirits and continued my Clash Royale journey.

This time was different, I was playing for fun and to grab some inspiration about new articles. So from all the things that I have been through with Clash Royale, I realized that in order to “survive” in this Clash Royale madness, you really should tell yourself that this is just an app in your phone and you control it, it does not control you. Therefor, I summed up my Clash Royale experience into this three tips, I hope you will stick to them and will not make the mistakes that I made. I know it sounds ridiculous, I am writing like I was a drug addict, but its the reality. All addictions are more or less the same.

  1. Stop playing at the second victory. I know that this sounds impossible, but trust me, this is the right thing to do. This is just like playing poker, you start winning but right after that, you start to lose so many battles in a row, you cannot count them anymore..Oh wait, your trophies can. So that is why, if you win 2 games in a row, stop playing 1v1. If you are still eager to fight, play 2v2 and fight until you are sure that you will not play another 1v1 battle.
  2. Play for chests only. Maybe this is the thing that got me away from the game. Set a goal, and in Clash Royale, your goal should be opening new chests, of course, when they are ready to be opened. It is not a mistake if you leave an empty chest slot, you can win it later. The best thing about the new updates is that you can win chest from 2v2 battles and you will not lose any trophies.
  3. Play Challenges. The Challenges are a good way to forget about trophies and it is going to satisfy your desire for fight. First time you play challenge, the entry is free, and if you want to play some more, you can give 10 gems and fight. You can win epic and legendary cards and not lose any trophies.

I hope you found this article useful. Don`t smash your phone, don`t get mad at the things around you, just because you lost a game. Take the control in your hands and start playing smart. Be more involved in the clan, donate cards, converse with your clan mates, play friendly battles and simply enjoy the game.

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